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Salú’s mission is to make holistic health and healing services available and accessible to rejuvenate the mind, body, and spirit. Salú is committed to compassion and understanding that each person has individualized health needs and goals. 

About Us

Established in 2023, owners Cody and Katie Schweinefus brought Salú Sauna + Wellness Spa to Decorah to give people access to holistic wellness services that were not widely available. 

At Salú, we believe in the power of rejuvenation, the magic of relaxation, and the transformative effects of self-care. Nestled in downtown Decorah, our space is designed to be your self-care sanctuary amid life's hustle and bustle. 

Our facilities feature luxurious infrared saunas. Each of our sauna rooms is equipped with an added wellness benefit which include red light therapy, halotherapy (dry salt therapy), and a cold plunge. There is truly something for everyone.

Salú is more than a spa – it's a community. We're committed to fostering connections, sharing wellness wisdom, and inspiring positive outcomes. Whether you're a seasoned wellness enthusiast or just beginning your wellness journey, you'll find a WARM welcome here. 

Pictured to the right is Cody and Katie with sons Duke and Tripp. Photo credit: Roz Weis. 

Schweinefus family

Our Core Values


At Salú, we are committed to our clients and to their unique needs. We are committed to providing top-notch experiences catered to individualized goals. Our clients come first, everything else will follow. 


At Salú, we build as we build up others. We value community partnerships and want to do our part to help our community thrive. 


Salú guests will be listened to without judgment and helped in any way we can offer. We understand that everyone has different lived experiences that lead to where we are today. We genuinely care about and want to help our clients. 

What does Salú mean?

Salú is the Papiamento word for health. 

Papiamento is the language of Aruba where owners, Katie and Cody, honeymooned in 2016. They felt so relaxed and well during their time on the "One Happy Island" and left feeling totally rejuvenated. 

It's exactly how we want our customers to feel! Healthy, happy, relaxed, and rejuvenated. 

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