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Packages + Memberships*

When it comes to maximizing the health benefits infrared saunas provide, consistency and frequency are key. That’s where our packages and memberships come in - they are the best value and hold you accountable. Come once weekly or daily!

*Memberships require a three-month initial commitment and will be automatically charged monthly. Cash or checks are not to be used as payment for memberships. After three months, the membership continues unless we hear otherwise. The Bronze, Silver, and Gold Memberships may be shared with one designated household member. Packages may be shared with household members.

Individual Session Pricing

Heated Services

30 min. Infrared Sauna...$30

45 min. Infrared Sauna...$45

+ Halotherapy or Red Light Therapy...$15

+ Cold Plunge...$20

Bring a Friend...$20

No Heat

30 min. Halotherapy...$25

30 min. Red Light Therapy...$25

15 min. Cold Plunge...$20

Bring a Friend...$10

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