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Cold Plunge

Unlock the life-changing benefits of cold water immersion. From reducing inflammation to mental wellness and clarity, cold plunging is one of the best things you can do for your physical and mental health. Combine the plunge with an infrared sauna session to gain an extra edge in health and fitness. 

Cold Plunge Benefits

  • Reduced muscle soreness

  • Improved athletic performance

  • Increased blood flow

  • Strengthened immune system

  • Improved mood

  • Cardiovascular health

  • Lowered inflammation

  • Pain relief

  • Enhanced mental performance

  • Increased resiliency

  • Disease prevention

  • Improved self-discipline

  • Fat burning potential

  • Stress relief

"Phenomenal Nordic Cycle. I felt great during the session, after the session, and the benefits for my recovery and overall wellbeing will set me up heading into the week!"

-Timothy Souza

Sauna + Cold Plunge = 

The "Nordic Cycle"

The "Nordic Cycle" protocol: 
Sauna for 20 min.
Cold Plunge for 10 sec.-3 min.

Benefits include:

Alleviation of pain and swelling

Boosted immune system

Reduced inflammation

Relieved muscle soreness

Improved mood

Increased circulation

Improved strength


Infrared sauna and cold plunge side by side.

Hot and cold water therapy is a ritual that has been around for centuries in Nordic culture. Even today, saunas, followed by cold exposure, is a way of life for cleansing, relaxation, and connecting with others in Scandinavian countries. Transitioning from one extreme temperature to another can profoundly impact our health and mental wellness. It is also a great practice of self-discipline and increases pain tolerance.

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