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5 Reasons to Sauna in the Spring

If you have used saunas before, you know that the euphoric feeling after a good sauna session is hard to beat! Spring is a wonderful time of year and it often ignites an urge in us to cleanse. We start by deep-cleaning the house but what about our bodies? Sauna bathing is great to do in the spring for several reasons!

  1. Cleanse and Detox Infrared saunas are a wonderful tool to detox and cleanse. At Salú, our infrared saunas use near-, mid-, and far-infrared wavelengths. Each has its strengths, but when it comes to detoxing, the far-infrared wavelengths are the hero. Far-infrared wavelengths penetrate deepest into our body, where toxins and chemicals can be trapped. While in the sauna, the sweat glands are activated and you begin to sweat them out.

  2. Allergy Relief One major benefit to using the sauna in the spring is to find some relief from seasonal allergy symptoms. The sauna allows the body to open sweat glands and let allergens out; the heat can help relieve congestion by opening up nasal passages and loosening mucus buildup; and it can assist in relieving sinus pain or pressure. Pro-tip: Opt for Salú's HaloIR sauna if struggling with seasonal allergies. The dry salt therapy, in addition to the infrared sauna, will help dramatically improve allergy symptoms!

  3. Boost Immunity The changing of seasons comes with a temperature rollercoaster which can be hard on our bodies and sickness can set in. Infrared saunas can help keep illness at bay by boosting immunity. When in the sauna, your internal core body temperature increases slightly, enough to replicate the protective and defensive powers of a fever when sick. White blood cell production increases and there is a release of other protective cells into the bloodstream which kills germs and enhances the immune system.

  4. Glowing Skin Coming out of winter, many struggle with dry, irritated skin. Some of the benefits of infrared sauna include glowing skin, a more even complexion, reduced appearance of cellulite, tighter-looking skin, and acne relief. The infrared wavelengths can increase collagen and skin elastin, promote skin cell production, and increase blood circulation which delivers oxygen and nutrients to the skin. Pro-tip: Opt for Salú's red light sauna. In addition to the sauna benefits, the powerful red light and near-infrared wavelengths produced by the red light tower promote collagen production and reduce inflammation. It is used to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, scars, acne, and redness.

  5. Burn Calories Sauna sessions can help in meeting your weight management goals. While sweating in the sauna, your body thinks you are doing moderate cardio exercise. It's great activity for your heart and you can expect to burn anywhere from 200-600 calories in a single session depending on your BMI. Additionally, sauna sessions can help you sleep better and the endorphins will be flowing. Make saunas a part of your healthy spring routine! Book now at or call 563-419-9063.

5 reasons to sauna in the spring


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